Every storm runs out of rain. At least thats what I always thought.

About PicEveryone always looks at “New years” to change pace for something new for the next 365 days. A brief moment in time. It seems like just “a few days” but if you look at the next year it is totally uncertain. 1 year sounds WAY longer then just 365 days. Having been into photography for the past few years I never really looked at it that way, but if you look at the technology now versus just 2 years ago, it is astonishing! Something that was deemed impossible is now mainstream and everywhere, and it took almost days it seems.

Time flies by us whether we like it or not. Some days we wish it would slow down, some days we beg for it to speed up, but what we don’t see right then in that moment in time, is what counts. we beg for things to go by faster but its when times are slow, or really fast that things really matter in lives and that’s always when we wish for a different pace.

This is my (Josh Loopstra) blog / photoblog. Being through every state west of Missouri, from St Louis to Canada to Washington to San Diego to Houston TX and over to the coast of North Carolina, and most of the south eastern seaboard. I don’t see it as being almost in every state in the USA, I see it as I have experienced so much.  No matter where I am, I am learning the ways, culture, people, travelers, and quirks of the areas I go to.

When I can shoot, I have the camera clicking. being out in the middle of nowhere or time lapsing my neighborhood streets. Passions are meant to be followed, so why waste time when theres art and photography to show the world !?!

Being a very mutual and analytical person I see everything from every side and I can understand many things quickly. Like photography, the DSLR’s I have now are nothing like the Fujifilm A330 3.2 megapixel camera I had, after that I jumped to the Canon Rebel XSi and that was the game changer for me personally. That opened my eyes to a new world that I begged for. Increase to a few  years later I now have been so many places I only dreamed of before and still love to go back. Love the aspect of photography that pushes me for more.

So stick with your passion that’s what I did. That’s how I went from an old Fujifilm to the new technology, and following your passion is what drives us foreword.

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My view through the camera lens