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Bryce Overlook

January 22, 2013 Blog PostLandscapesNew ImagePanoramics  No comments

Overlooking the valley below, Beautiful look over Bryce Canyon and the land below.

Bryce Ledge

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Above the USA

January 21, 2013 Blog PostLandscapesNew ImagePanoramics  No comments

14k Above

14,000 feet over the USA, On my way up to the top of the tallest summit in the Rockies. Mt. Elbert defiantly satisfies a view of the colorado floor that doesnt disappoint. Still about 400′ to go almost straight up to the summit, the air is thin and the camera gear is heavy, but I know the view from before and I it was again one of the most rewarding climbs up to this summit!

14k Above

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Elbert Summit NE Ridge

January 12, 2013 Blog PostLandscapesNew ImagePanoramics  No comments

For years I always wanted to climb to the top of something great, Sitting at 14,433 feet Mount Elbert is the highest peak in the Rockies. 9 miles to the summit the Northeast ridge is one of the easiest routs to the summit and this is just one of the panoramic’s just about to the summit. At 12000 feet the trees and woods end and it is all open to the elements. No cover from rain, hail, storms, wind, nothing. Beautiful scenery  and 360* view of the world below. After that initial view the first time I have had to go back and make the journey to the summit for the past 3 years after that. There is something that overcomes you once you are there and realize the significance of being in the thin oxygen deprived air that lets you really feel good about yourself and enjoying the view.

Elbert Summit

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