Project CubeSat

Overall Goal:
Since its too expensive to send it officially to space (2U sats are around $200k and WAY too many regulations), I had my brother 3D print a CubeSat and I am going to make a fully functional / data gathering / radio transmission / image transmission to a base station thru FM Transmission. Currently I have a 1U printed, but Ill be adding another due to space for the deploy-able solar panels.

Inland PLA+, nozzle . 4mm, .16mm layer height. 75% fill
First completed part


  • Currently going to use Arduino Nano (prob gonna upgrade to my pi4)
  • Adafruit Ultimate GPS (logging datetime/gps location sentences and satellite locks)
  • Light Sensor
  • Real Time Clock
  • 3 axis accelerometer
  • MicroSD for Data logging
  • 2.4Ghz Wireless modules for transmission (will move to the KT0803K FM transceiver once transmission is figured out)
  • Going to have 2 or 3 ArduCameras for panoramic image stitching
  • 1000mah lipo battery with a tp4056 charging module
  • AOSHIKE 0.5v 2″x3/4″ solar cells soldered in parallel for voltage stacking for 5-9 volts for lipo charging

—-Ground Station—-

  • Laptop
  • NooElec NESDR Smart HF (Software Defined Radio) with up converter
  • Using SDR# for frequency tuning
  • wxtoimg for the radio signal compilation to an image

For prototyping parts will all be 3D printed but the chassis will have another “U” added to it making it a 2U CubeSat with Standoffs to seperate the greenboards. Fully functional solar panels/chargers, and cameras, etc.. Once all is ironed out Ill have the 3D printed panels laser cut from aluminum at my brothers work, and Ill send the Fritzing greenboard plans to . The pic of the stacked boards in the chassis is a rough idea what itll look like.

Final print : Inland PLA+, nozzle . 4mm, .16mm layer height. Not sure what the speed is at. Maybe 50m/s
NESDR Radio with Pi4
CubeSat 1U idea
Arduino Nano, GPS, Light Sensor, SD card, 1000mah LiPo and 2.4Ghz transmitters

My view through the camera lens