14k Above

Above the USA

14,000 feet over the USA, On my way up to the top of the tallest summit in the Rockies. Mt. Elbert defiantly satisfies a view of the colorado floor that doesnt disappoint. Still about 400′ to go almost straight up to the summit, the air is thin and the camera gear is heavy, but I know the view …

Rise of the cosmos

Camping just outside Bryce Canyon National Park I set witness to some of the best night skies I have ever bare witnessed. Just watching the Milky Way pass overhead as the night passed. Every time I am in the dark skies of the USA I cant help but sit back in amazement and understand how …

Sunrise over Galveston

Sunrise over Galveston is one of my favorite spots. Being there first thing in the morning and seeing the land end and the open ocean begin. A piece of serenity and peace of mind become the key to the morning and allows you to disconnect from the complex and crazy world that we live in.

Elbert Summit NE Ridge

For years I always wanted to climb to the top of something great, Sitting at 14,433 feet Mount Elbert is the highest peak in the Rockies. 9 miles to the summit the Northeast ridge is one of the easiest routs to the summit and this is just one of the panoramic’s just about to the …

Bentley Flying Spur

Waltzing around the Bentley/Bugatti dealer in Chesterfield MO I snapped some pics of this 2008 Bentley Continental Flying Spur. Beautiful car! At only $119k it could have been yours if it wasn’t already presold.

EPC Computers Classic Car Fest

Shooting at the EPC Classic Car Fest in St. Charles MO I caught this Alpine White BMW M3 with very light drizzle. That year was a good year for the Carfest and crew with a great turnout. Even though people knew rain was on the way for a slight chance at some spotty showers, EPC …

Bryce Canyon at Sunset

After hiking all day around Bryce, I setup  for some evening timelapses. I have to admit, Bryce Canyon has provided some of the best images and panoramics. Something Magical about this place and the way that the light comes across the valley just is mesmerizing.